INTRAspec R380 Main box

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If your serial number starts with any of the following then you have a longstick : 50A, 51A, 56A, 58A, 60A, 61A, 66A, 68A, 74A

If your serial number starts with any of the following then you have a shortstick : 53A, 55A, 63A, 67A, 69A, 73A

Select ‘No Exchange Surcharge‘ if you are sending your own unit in for reconditioning upon ordering. Otherwise select ‘Exchange surcharge‘. You will be billed a surcharge, which is refunded upon receipt of your serviceable exchange. You have 30 days after delivery of your recondition gearbox arriving to return the old one.

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r380 1024The INTRAspec R380 is the ‘introduction level’ or ‘entry level’ R380 that we offer. Its modified over a standard R380 to ensure that all the common flaws have been addressed to allow for a reliable and dependable R380

All the gearboxes built at Syncro Gearboxes are completely stripped to a bare gearbox casing so that each and every part can be inspected. Every ‘consumable’ part is discarded and the core parts are retained.

After which the casing along with all relevant parts is dipped into our decarbonising fluid bath to burn off all traces of oil, grease and paint. A choice of specification is decided with the customer and then the gearbox is assembled with all tolerances and torque settings checked and set along the way.

land rover r380The original helical gears are checked and replaced if required. The gearboxes synchromesh hubs are stripped and fitted with new springs, the gear selector forks are checked for wear or damage and replaced if necessary. Any parts that are found to be damaged or warn are replaced and the rebuild continues.

INTRAspec HD Support Bearings

The INTRAspec HD support bearing upgrade increases the load capacity of both support bearing in the extension casing on the R380. Both the main and layshafts have a roller support bearing on the rear. The more robust bearings help reduce flex in the shafts which can lead to catastrophic failure. This is a must for high power engines or if you plan on doing high mileage too.

INTRAspec HD Front Layshaft Bearing

The INTRAspec HD front layshaft bearing upgrade increases the size and load capacity of the front layshaft taper bearing. This invoices machining the casing to accept the bigger bearing, which is more robust and capable of taking greater loads and power.

INTRAspec Oil Feed modification

The INTRAspec R380 also benefits from an improved oil feed ring, allowing for better oil flow and maintain oil pressures

Optional upgrades:

High Ratio 5th Gear

If you are running a non V8 R380 you have the option to upgrade your 5th gear to a higher ratio variant. The higher ratio will give better cruising and reduce revs when you are on the motorway. The higher ratio 5th gear is normally fitted to the v8 R380 offering a 0.73:1 ratio rather than the lower 0.77:1 as fitted to the diesels. A nice upgrade if you are doing a lot of motorway mileage.

Syncro Gearboxes Slickshift

The Defender Slickshift by Syncro Gearboxes in a fantastic upgrade which transforms the feel of you gear change drastically. This reduced throw shifter gives shorter and more precise changes. For more information: Syncro Gearboxes Defender Slickshift. This fits the ‘long stick’ R380’s inc TD5

We also offer a Discovery version of the Slickshift to help improve the feel of gear changes and make driving your Discovery a little more refined as well as more reliable: Syncro Gearboxes Discovery Slickshift. This fits the ‘short stick’ R380’s inc TD5

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Defender 300tdi, Discovery 300tdi, Defender TD5, Discovery TD5, Range Rover Classic 300tdi

Exchange Surcharge

Exchange Surcharge, No Exchange Surcharge

High Ratio 5th Gear

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Syncro Gearboxes Slickshift

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