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We offer a huge range of Quality Land Rover Parts to help you rebuild your gearbox or transfer box

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Research and Development

We are constantly designing new products for ourselves and others, from design consultation, one-off products to complete product ranges. We're eager to find a solution and satisfy a need or requirement with quality design, development and engineering. If you need a R&D solution for your business get it touch today!

design and development


We use modern technology including 3D scanning and CAD.


Powerful solutions that stand up to the toughest conditions.


We are comfortable working under a gentlemen's agreement or a full NDA.


Solutions that get the job done to perfection

Engine and Gearbox Adapter Kits

We have an ever growing range of Engine and Gearbox Adapter Conversion kit. Whether you're fitting a modern diesel, a big V8 or an EV power plant.

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Our Slickshifts will neaten up your Land Rover's gear change to make it neater and generally nicer to drive

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Evocase Single Speed Transfer Case

Syncro has evolved to develop the Evocase SS range of single speed transfer cases. Fully custom, all billet, super strong transfer cases dedicated to off-road racing.
With flexibility and outright strength at the forefront of the Evocase's design you can be sure thats its the strongest solution for you. The all billet design with Chromoly internals is arguably unbreakable.

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We do not offer fully reconditioned gearboxes. However, we offer all the parts you’ll need to rebuild your gearbox.