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Picking the right oil for your Land Rover gearbox is important for various reasons. Things like wear and tear, gear changes, and noise are but a few. Each gearbox was designed with a specific oil in mind, and if you choose to use a different oil in your gearbox it may not perform as it should.

For example, Land Rover gearboxes fitted with bronze bulk rings will want the right kind of oil to allow them to work correctly and be able to grip the gears. At the same time, the oil needs to be the right viscosity to be easy for the oil pump to shift and slippy enough to lubricate all the bearings. In extreme conditions the oil needs to be even more versatile too. When in very hot or cold conditioned the oil need to be able to do its jobs effectively.

Gearbox Land Rover Defender LT77There is a world wide debate on what oil you should use in your Land Rover Gearbox but to keep it simple, and to keep things working we’ve put together this article to help clear things up. These are the oils that were intended for the gearboxes Land Rover used, these are the oils they recommend you use.


Land Rover Series 1,2 & 3 Main ‘box and Transfer ‘box (LT76)

The Series gearboxes takes around 1.5l of EP90 (GL4) in the Main ‘box and 2.5l of EP90 (GL4) in the Transfer ‘box

Land Rover LT77

There is a massive debate with the LT77 on which oil to use but to keep it simple you should use Automatic Transmission Fluid Dextron 2(ATF D2). Many argue that you should use Manual Transmission Fluid for various reasons, often recommending the same oil as you would use in the R380.

Land Rover LT230 Transfer ‘box

Land Rover LT230 Reconditioned Transfer BoxThe Transfer ‘box uses a much thicker oil that your Main ‘box. It will take a little over 2 litres of EP90 gear oil.

Land Rover R380

The Land Rover R380 take MTF in contrast to the LT77. You will need 2.6 litres of MTF94

Land Rover LT85

The Land Rover LT85 Santana gearbox takes a very different oil to most of the LR range. You will need around 3 litres of 20w50 engine oil.

Land Rover LT95

The Land Rover LT95 gearbox will take the same type of oil as the LT85, 20w50. You will need around 3 litres.

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading up on what oils to use you’ll probably be very confused by now, with lots of people recommending all sorts of oils. We base out recommendations on what Land Rover intended and on our experience as a business in the transmission trade.

Remember to keep an eye on oil leaks, fluid levels and always changes your oils regularly. A well serviced gearbox will go a long way.

If you’re looking for Gearbox / Transfer box parts and oils check out our Land Rover Gearbox Parts Shop