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Land Rover Gearboxes will eventually develop a problem due to various reasons. The design, conditions of use, and lack of maintanence are just a few of the reasons. Many of the issues your Land Rover gearbox might have can be fixed. Many are simple and in expensive, others would require a rebuild. The hardest part is identifying the issue and taking the correct steps to fix it. Often, you can waste a lot of time trying to diagnose a problem. Here are some common questions people have in regards to their Land Rover gearboxes.

What oil should I use in my gearbox?

There are various different gearboxes fitted to Land Rovers, each requiring a specific oil. For more detailed information on Land Rover Gearbox oil please read our article here: Land Rover Gearbox Oil

Below is a quick summery

Series Main and Transfer ‘boxes – EP90

LT77 – Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

LT230 – EP90

R380 – MTF94

LT85 – 20w50

LT95 – 20w50

Whilst changing the oil in my Land Rover Gearbox I noticed that the Main ‘box was low on oil but the Transfer ‘box was overfilled, why?

It is very common for the seal between the Main and Transfer ‘boxes to fail. This allows oil to migrate from one to another. You will need to separate the gearboxes and replace this seal. You may also notice an external leak between the gearboxes as a result of this seal failing.

How do I tell if I have excessive mainshaft wear?

For a detailed write up of main shaft wear and how to identify it please read this: Land Rover LT230 Input Gear Spline Wear

You will need to remove the PTO/circular inspection cover on the back on the transfer box. Jack a rear wheel. Whilst turning the transmission drum look at the mainshaft/input gear. Excessive wear will be visible.

My gearbox rattles when stationary, why?

It is very common to assume that a rattle is coming from you gearbox when the vehicle is stationarry and the clutch pedal is up. Infact, the issue is more likely to be the springs in your clutch plate. The springs often come loose and rattle making you think the gearbox is rattling. To fix this problem you need to replace your clutch plate.

For a more detailed video on clutch plate rattle take a look at this video:

Why I can’t I select 5th gear or reverse on my R380 gearbox?

It is likely that the layshaft extension has snapped. As a result 5th a reverse are now disconnected. To fix this you require a gearbox rebuild.

How do i know if its in diff lock?

If you are unsure as to whether your gearbox in in diff lock or not you can follow these simple steps to find out.

1. With the handbrake off, jack one wheel.

2. Engage diff lock and put the main box into neutral.

3. Spin the jacked wheel.

If the wheel spins then Diff lock is not engaged. If it will not spin then Diff lock IS engaged.


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If you’re looking for Gearbox / Transfer box parts and oils check out our Land Rover Gearbox Parts Shop