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Land Rover Transfer Box

As you probably know some Land Rover gearboxes always suffered from mainshaft/input gear spline wear. This is due to the fact that oil isnt able to get the the splines to keep them lubricated and reduce wear. On later models of the LT230 transfer box rover fitted cross drilled input gears. These gears simply had holes drilled into them allowing oil to reach the splines. Also, oil feed plates were fitted to get important lube to splines.

You can fit a cross drilled input gear to most LT230 transfer boxes, with a few exceptions. However, it is a lot easier and cheaper to fit an oil feed plate, which is compatible with all LT230’s. Be aware that the oil feed plate only works with the aluminium PTO cover plates, not the pressed steel ones, so you will need to swap that at the same time. Below is a quick guide to the job, and at the same time its worth doing an oil change. You can follow this guide: Land Rover LT230 Transfer ‘box Oil Change

Land Rover Transfer box lt230

So to begin with you’re going to need to drain the oil. Next remove the PTO cover from the back of the transfer box. You will now be able to see the splines that we are talking about, and determine if they are worn. You can read this article on spline wear: Land Rover LT230 Input Gear Spline Wear

Once you have the cover off you should be left with this.

Land Rover Transfer Box

If your splines are worn, which is likely. You will be able to stop that wear continuing with the oil feed plate. The plate will not fix any issues that are caused by the wear, it will simple stop the wear to continue at this stage.

To fit the plate, you simply place it into the gap behind the PTO cover we just removed. Most a marked ‘TOP’ for alignment. To keep that plate in whilst we work, simply apply some grease to the rear.

Land Rover Transfer Box

Once the plate is in, its a just a case of refitting the PTO cover with a gasket and some RTV sealant. Remember to remove any old gasket, sealant and oil from the mating faces before refitting. Give the sealant time to set then you can fill with fresh oil and its as simple as that.

Do remember that if you’re splines are worn this wont fix the wear, it will simply stop the wear from continue. Thats not to say that if your splines are heavily worn terminal failure wont occur.

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