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As ‘regular’ road car drivers, classic car enthusiasts and racers Syncro Gearboxes completely understand the importance of high quality, durable and reliable workmanship. Our deep passion for delivering the highest level of service is at the forefront of our minds when dealing with any individual. We understand that this is probably more than just ‘an order’ to you, which is why all of our gearboxes are hand built by one engineer from start to finish ensuring consistance and quality every time.

reconditioned type 9 gearbox

With a passion for the motor industry Syncro Gearboxes works hand in hand with you and your car to match a gearbox to your needs. Many people overlook the necessity for a high quality gearbox, often spending thousands on engine upgrades and completely ignoring the fact that a strong, solid reliable reconditioned gearbox is equally important. All that extra BHP means nothing if you can’t transfer it reliably and constantly with confidence in your transmission.

To ensure and maintain our exceptional reputation and workmanship we specialise in a handfull of gearboxes. Although this may seem strange, we know that we have perfected our work to the highest standards and to continue doing so we concentrate all of our attention on these few gearboxes and not spreading ourselves thin by trying to be experts in rebuilding every gearbox under the sun.

For more information on how we can help meet your needs and build the perfect gearbox for you please hit the ‘Contact’ button on the left hand side. We are now looking to sponsor up to 5 racers in the new year so if you are looking for race sponsorship please get in contact.


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