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Unlimited Listings, Any Vehicle Type

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That being said, we will give you an amazing deal for the trouble.

At Syncro Gearboxes we are constantly reviewing the design of parts to both innovate and push the boundaries of design to offer you performance improvement and increased driving satisfaction of your Land Rover, in addition to offering innovative solutions to common transmission problems.

ULTRAspec LT230As we are constantly working with Land Rover gearboxes we are able to develop and identify common problems. A close relationship with customers allows us to utilise feedback and opinions of the end user too.

Organic ideas are quickly make thier way to a time of research and development, including product design, reviewing and renewing specifications, creating new part prototypes followed by rigorous testing until we are ready to launch the exciting new development product to the Land Rover community.

Key research and development has led us [...]

DURAspec LT230
The DURAspec LT230 is the strongest road going LT230 available. Unlike the more aggressive ULTRAspec is has a functioning centre differential which is required for road use. The differential is a limited slip Torsen style that is very strong and allows for better power distribution and traction. Increased strength bearings and other key components mean that the DURAspec will take serious power and serious road abuse. The DURAspec comes with an extended 2 year warranty. TO ORDER A DURASPEC LT230 PLEASE CONTACT US
land rover lt230 transfer box
The strongest LT230 built to date. Designed to be ultra strong and built with competition use in mind. The transfer box has been extensively modified with every bearing been upgraded for a stronger alternative. The high/low selector is stronger so it won't snap under vigorous shifting during races. A shortened rear output allows for a longer rear propshaft. The ULTRAspec is so strong that it is offered with a competition use warranty for 2 YEARS. TO ORDER AN ULTRAspec LT230 PLEASE CONTACT US
In the beginning when Rover needed a stronger gearbox for the new Range Rover and the 101 V8s they developed the LT95 In addition to offering a reconditioning service we do also offer all the parts you will require to rebuild your own gearbox. We evening have complete overhaul kits that include all the consumable components. Take a look at our Land Rover Gearbox Parts shop
Here at Syncro Gearboxes we love being part of the Land Rover Shows! Come and see us at the 4X4 Shows in 2016!

Team Syncro

Visit our stand and get your hands on some Great Discounts on both gearbox orders and our exciting and innovative Development Range, meet our friendly Team and we can talk Shift!

Donington 4×4 Show – 14th February 2016 (Donington Park Exhibition Centre, DE74 2RP)

show banner 2016

A ‘Real 4×4’ show in the weatherproof comfort of an exhibition centre.


Great British Land Rover Show – 24th April 2016 & 27th November 2016 (Stoneleigh National Agricultural and Exhibition Centre, CV8 2LZ)

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The stumpy R380 is a shortened version of the 300tdi R380. Its a direct replacement for an LT77. It will not fit TD5 or V8 engines. Select 'No Exchange Surcharge' if you are sending your own unit in for reconditioning upon ordering. Otherwise select 'Exchange surcharge'. You will be billed a surcharge, which is refunded upon receipt of your serviceable exchange. You have 30 days after delivery of your recondition gearbox arriving to return the old one.
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