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Land Rover Series 3 GearboxThere were two types of Gearbox used in Land Rover Series 3’s. The original LT76 and the LT95 as fitted to the V8 powered models. Each gearbox ran in production over a long period of time. As a result they underwent many different changes. Knowing your suffix allows you do identify your gearbox correctly.


Land Rover Series 3 Gearbox LT76 Prefix Identification

  • 246  Easy change gearbox used with 4 cylinder petrol engine in one ton and other special models. Suffixes B, C, (from May 1980) and D (from 1982)
  • 266  Easy change gearbox used with 6 Cylinder petrol engine in one ton and other special models. Suffix A only.
  • 361  As 901, 902, 903 series for 4 cylinder engines continuation numbering sequence. Suffix D only.
  • 367  Used with Diesel engine for Danish [...]
Land Rover Transfer Box

As you probably know some Land Rover gearboxes always suffered from mainshaft/input gear spline wear. This is due to the fact that oil isnt able to get the the splines to keep them lubricated and reduce wear. On later models of the LT230 transfer box rover fitted cross drilled input gears. These gears simply had holes drilled into them allowing oil to reach the splines. Also, oil feed plates were fitted to get important lube to splines.

You can fit a cross drilled input gear to most LT230 transfer boxes, with a few exceptions. However, it is a lot easier and cheaper to fit an oil feed plate, which is compatible with all LT230’s. Be aware that the oil feed plate only works with the aluminium PTO cover plates, not the pressed steel ones, so you will need to swap that at the same time. Below is a quick guide to the job, and at [...]

Defender Gearbox Shift problem

Disco2GearLever If you’ve just fitted a reconditioned gearbox to your Land Rover and found that either 1 to 2nd or 3rd to 4th shifts aren’t so good or feel stiff it is probably because you need to make some little adjustments.

Worry not though, as this is very common on rebuild boxes, particularly if its not your original gearbox. The fix is very simple though, and wont take you very long at all.

Defender Gearbox Shift problem



If you have a Defender to need to remove the rubber boot on the turret where you gear stick fits. This will reveal two springs with two adjusting bolts and locknuts. These springs are what return you gear stick back to its [...]

If you’re looking for Gearbox / Transfer box parts and oils check out our Land Rover Gearbox Parts Shop

Land Rover Gearboxes will eventually develop a problem due to various reasons. The design, conditions of use, and lack of maintanence are just a few of the reasons. Many of the issues your Land Rover gearbox might have can be fixed. Many are simple and in expensive, others would require a rebuild. The hardest part is identifying the issue and taking the correct steps to fix it. Often, you can waste a lot of time trying to diagnose a problem. Here are some common questions people have in regards to their Land Rover gearboxes.

What oil should I use in my gearbox?

There are various different gearboxes fitted to Land Rovers, each requiring a specific oil. For more detailed information on Land Rover Gearbox oil please read our article here: Land Rover Gearbox Oil

Below is [...]

discovery r380 for saleOver the years there were a number of different gearboxes fitted to the various Land Rovers available. Each model of car had numerous variants also, which means that each gearbox had different ratios. Coupled with different Transfer box ratios and diffs there are a bucket load of different ratio available.

Here we will cover the Manual gearboxes fitted to Series, Defender, Discovery and Range Rover Models. We will cover main boxes and the transfer boxes also. Automatic Land Rover Gearbox Ratios are not covered. To help find what ratios your gearbox has you will need to find the Serial number stamped on the casing. 

Below are various tables listing the different ratios that were fitted to each gearbox.

Land Rover Series LT76 Gearbox Ratios

Main gearbox Suffix A & B Suffix C on Ser. III Ser. IIA & III
109 1-Ton Fourth [...]

Land Rover R380 Reconditioned GearboxIf you’re looking for Gearbox / Transfer box parts and oils check out our Land Rover Gearbox Parts Shop

Picking the right oil for your Land Rover gearbox is important for various reasons. Things like wear and tear, gear changes, and noise are but a few. Each gearbox was designed with a specific oil in mind, and if you choose to use a different oil in your gearbox it may not perform as it should.

For example, Land Rover gearboxes fitted with bronze bulk rings will want the right kind of oil to allow them to work correctly and be able to grip the gears. At the same time, the oil needs to be the right viscosity to be easy for the oil pump to shift and slippy enough to lubricate all the bearings. In extreme conditions the oil needs to be even [...]

reconditioned SERIES 3 GEARBOXChanging the oil in your Land Rover Series 3 regularly is really important. So many people over look changing gearbox fluids when they do a service. With an older vehicle, especially a Land Rover its imperative that the transmission gets attention too.

As you well know Landy’s love to leak. Normally all over the drive. If you have a leak from your transmission and you are a bit slack when it comes to oil changes or top ups then it wont be long before the oil level in your gearbox reaches a critically low level. With an old design and a tired gearbox, you need ever drop of oil in the ‘box.

So lets take a look at changing the oil in your Series 3 Gearbox. We are going to drain and refill the fluids in your Main ‘box and Transfer ‘box. The type [...]

Land Rover Reconditioned Lt230 Transfer Box

If you’re looking for LT230 Transfer box parts and oils check out our Land Rover Gearbox Parts Shop

Ok, so hopefully you’ve just read Land Rover LT77 Oil Change and everything went well. So now its time to change the oil in your LT230 Transfer ‘box.

Essentially, its the same process. First off, find and remove the fill plug. You’ll find it at the back of the transfer box where the transmission brake is. It will be right above the serial number.

Land Rover LT230 Transfer 'Box

Next, is to find and remove the drain plug, which isn’t too far from the fill plug. Its located at the bottom of the gearbox at the lowest point. Have your funnel ready and give the oil a good amount of time to drain. It will drain slower than your main box fluid as its thicker.

Land Rover Transfer [...]</p>
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Series 3 Gearbox

Fitting a Fairey overdrive to your Series 3 Land Rover will have heaps of benefits such as better mpg, higher top speed and less noise at speed. If you’ve decided to fit one and you are ready to do so, this guide should give you a good idea about how to do it.

Firstly, you are going to need to remove your cubby box or seat as well as the transmission tunnel so that you can get to the gearbox. If your Landy is like most, then the gearbox will be inch thick is oil and general gunk, so to make life easier you may want to clean it down using degreaser or a jet wash etc.

One you are ready, you need to remove the PTO cover plate and the rectangular inspection cover on top of the transfer box. Like this:

Land Rover Series Gearbox

Land Rover LT77 reconditioned Gearbox

Land Rover LT77 GearboxOne of the biggest issues we see with old gearboxes is failure due to lack of maintenance. Most people tend to look after their engines well and service them regularly by changing fluids and filter etc. Sadly, they often over look the transmission. A gearbox needs regular maintenance too.

With the LT77 you should be looking to change the oil yearly at the very least, maybe more if you are clocking up high miles. The LT77 takes around 2.6 litres of oil, if you neglect to change or maintain your oil level in an old gearbox then you are just asking for something to go wrong. As you know Land Rover’s are notorious for leaking oil, and if your gearbox has a leak then it wont talk long for you to lose half of [...]

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