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All reconditioned gearboxes supplied by Syncro Gearboxes are sold on an ‘exchange’ basis. When reconditioned gearboxes are sold on an exchange basis an “exchange surcharge” may be applied. This is a deposit that is refundable when your old unit is received by us. If your exchange unit is ready for collection at the time of deilvery a surcharge will not apply. However the reconditioned unit will not be released by the courier unless you have your exchange unit ready.

Should an exchange unit supplied by you not be fit for reconditioning then you will not receive the deposit surcharge back and the unit will returned to you. If you did not pay a surcharge you will have 7 days to return another serviceable exchange unit. After the 7 days you will be billed a non refundable exchange surcharge.

If you are unable to supply us with an exchange unit then please inform us at the time of ordering to save any unnescassary charges and wasted time.

All units are surchargable unless a like for like exchange is supplied. The exchange surcharge is refunded on return of the used gearbox and provided that the casings are not damaged or the gearbox is not beyond economic repair.

Syncro Gearboxes reserves the right to retain the surcharge if an exchange unit is not returned within 30 days of delivery of the reconditioned/new gearbox.

If you require your specific gearbox to be reconditioned and returned to you then please contact us and inform us during the ordering process. In this case and exchange surcharge will not apply.

If you are unsure of whether the surcharge applies to your order please contact us before ordering.

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