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At Syncro Gearboxes we are constantly reviewing the design of parts to both innovate and push the boundaries of design to offer you performance improvement and increased driving satisfaction of your Land Rover, in addition to offering innovative solutions to common transmission problems.

ULTRAspec LT230As we are constantly working with Land Rover gearboxes we are able to develop and identify common problems. A close relationship with customers allows us to utilise feedback and opinions of the end user too.

Organic ideas are quickly make thier way to a time of research and development, including product design, reviewing and renewing specifications, creating new part prototypes followed by rigorous testing until we are ready to launch the exciting new development product to the Land Rover community.

Key research and development has led us to design the improvement in gear change through the highly successful range of Syncro Gearboxes exclusive Slickshift’s which now span the various models including Series, Defender and Discovery.

slickshift defender

In addition to developing new products and solutions we also look to improve existing designs and products.

Syncro Gearboxes runs on a very basic fundamental ethos: Keep moving forward. As individuals and collectively we are always looking forward, looking to progress and never become stagnant.

Whilst we will always have numerous R&D projects underway we are keen to listen to Land Rover owners if you have a specific transmission component that you feel both yourself and the Land Rover community could benefit from re-design and development.

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