Syncro Gearboxes is always looking for interesting opportunities to offer sponsorship to willing and deserving candidates. If you think we’d be interested in sponsoring you then get in touch and tell us about yourself.

Here are some of the people, teams and organisations we support and sponsor:

Team A2Z Mini’s

classic mini gearboxes
Team A2Z Minis are a dynamic, enthusiastic and energetic team that have come together to build and race in the Mini Se7en 2013 Championship. Utilising an array of skills the A2Z Minis team consists of:

Rohith De Silva – originally from Sri Lanka, Rohith is a qualified Air Craft Technician and has enjoyed racing since 1983. Rohith has achieved many racing awards and winning positions internationally, such as winning the World’s Fastest Mini race in 2001. This is Rohith’s debut season in Mini Se7en racing and looks forward to demonstrating his passion, talent and continued commitment to succeed.

Leon De Silva of A2Z Minis – Leon’s artistic talent in bodywork, detailed paint jobs, and bespoke carbon fibre products

reconditioned classic mini gearboxesclassic mini reconditioned gearboxesclassic mini gearboxes

classic mini box
You can follow Team A2Z Minis in their 2013 Journey on Facebook

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