ULTRAspec LT230

ULTRAspec LT230  ULTRAspec LT230

The ULTRAspec LT230 is the toughest, most durable LT230 available. Modified to its economic limit, the ULTRAspec maintains the original LT230 casings and gearset. The ULTRAspec LT230 comes with a 2 year competition warranty – something unheard of in the racing community. Heres the spec:

  • – Spooled differential for permanent differential lock with direct front and rear axle drive. All existing difflock mechanisms and parts are removed. This creates a stronger difflock solution without notoriously weak parts or elaborate selectors.
  • – Titanium differential cage bolts
  • – SAE4340 Steel Sleeved Casing Modification to increase durability and decrease the chance of leakage from the intermediate shaft.
  • – Syncro Gearboxes 300M CNC Machined Intermediate shaftland rover lt230 transfer box
  • – HD High/Low Selector shaft to reduce the risk of snapping the shaft during shifting
  • – Heavy Duty Differential/Mainshaft bearing – Casings machined to suit
  • – Heavy Duty front and rear output shaft bearings – Casings machined to suit
  • – Additional Intermediate shaft bearings to share the load on the intermediate gear.
  • – 300M Short Rear Output shaft and custom rear tail housing that allows for a 70mm longer propshaft. The speedo drive gears are removed. (optional extra)
  • – Various other small modifications to prevent leaks, improve longevity and reliability
  • – Increased Oil Capacity to 3 Litres
  • Optional deep sump to increase oil capacity a further 500ml


land rover lt230 transfer boxland rover lt230 transfer boxland rover lt230 transfer box

Some of the trucks currently running ULTRAspec LT230:

ULTRAspec LT230ULTRAspec LT230ULTRAspec LT230Syncro ultraspecsyncro ultraspecULTRAspec LT230land rover lt230 transfer boxland rover transfer boxDaniel RoderickWKD offroad fabrications

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