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VW Golf 020 reconditioned gearboxVW 020 Mk1 Golf Gearbox

The Volkswagen VW020 is a 5 speed front wheel drive manual gear box with an aluminum rear cover used from 1984 and up. There is a 4 speed version of the 020 as well. The 5 speed version comes with a 25mm or with a 26mm rear input bearing and a 30mm dia. caged roller input bearing. A 5 speed with the 32mm dia. caged roller input bearing and a 26mm rear input bearing is also an option.


reconditioned gearbox

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The table below lists the gear ratios and final drive for all VW 020 transmissions.   To determine what type of transmission you have, look at the numbers stamped on the bottom of the bell housing  next to the oil pan.  The first two or three digits  indicate the transmission type, with the final five digits giving the date of manufacture in the format of DDMMY.

A numerically lower number means a “taller” gear.  For instance, a FN transmission has a 5th gear ratio of .71 which was designed for lower RPM highway cruising and improved fuel economy.  A .89 5th gear in the 4K GTI transmission was designed to keep the engine higher in the RPM range for improved power and performance.

golf gearbox ratios

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Final Drive Ratios:

There are six options for a R&P set, but keep in mind that the 16V and MK3 8V boxes (those 5 codes from earlier) are all 3.667, the most common ratio. If you want a lower R&P for your 16V trans, plan on sourcing an 8V MK2/MK1 4th gear set to match the smaller diameter pinion shaft.

62 : 17 = 3.647
66 : 18 = 3.667
74 : 19 = 3.894
63 : 16 = 3.938
67 : 17 = 3.941
68 : 16 = 4.250

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