Land Rover Gearbox parts > Warranty

Our standard warranty is 12 months/10,000 miles whichever is first on all standard or lightly modified gearboxes intended for road use. For race or track day use a 6 months/5000 miles whichever is first. Vehicles fitted with our gearboxes must be professionally serviced to manufacturers recommended standards for our warranty to be applicable. Proof of servicing and maintenance will be required should a warranty claim be made.

Warranty on our gearboxes used for non standard modified vehicles will carry either limited warranty or no warranty depending on the application. The length of warranty will be clearly stated on the your invoice and can be emailed if required. Gearboxes must be correctly fitted,  including clutches and ancillary parts and must be checked after fitting. 1 mile, 10 mile, 50 and 100 mile road test should be made to ensure that the unit is problem free and have been fitted correctly. Gearboxes will be excluded from our warranty if not correctly fitted or damaged due to low oil level/poor maintenance.

Work carried out by any third party on our units will invalidate the warranty unless specifically approved by us in writing. Units supplied for modified vehicles will carry either no warranty or a limited warranty as specified by the company. The warranty will not cover the gearbox if in our opinion after investigation the fault or faults are caused by driver abuse incorrect fitting or incorrect application.
If you are unsure as to what type of warranty applies to your order/application contact us prior to ordering.

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