Land Rover Series 3 Reconditioned Gearbox

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reconditioned SERIES 3 GEARBOXAll the gearboxes built at Syncro Gearboxes are completely stripped to a bare gearbox casing so that each and every part can be inspected. Every ‘consumable’ part is discarded and the core parts are retained.

After which the casing along with all relevant parts is dipped into our decarbonising fluid bath to burn off all traces of oil, grease and paint. A choice of specification is decided with the customer and then the gearbox is assembled with all tolerances and torque settings checked and set along the way.

The original helical gears are checked and replaced if required. The gearboxes synchromesh hubs are stripped and fitted with new springs, the gear selector forks are checked for wear or damage and replaced if necessary. Any parts that are found to be damaged or warn are replaced and the rebuild continues.

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